Ah... the sound of music!  What would the world be without song?

Each grade at St. Peter's attends music class weekly.  All instruction is at age-appropriate levels.

Pre-K through Grade 1 students explore music through exposure to various instruments in all the major music families and through listening to age-appropriate material.  They will be able to define piano, forte, largo, and presto, as well as other theoretical words.  Students will develop rhythm through music and movement activities that require students to hear and understand musical dynamics.  Voice development will be encourage through song.

Grade 2 through 5 students will continue their exposure to musical instruments by exploring the components of the various instruments and how the composition, size, and shape affects the sound the instrument makes; this will also be related to voice and electronics.  Students will explore how sound travels and is impacted by the media through which it is transmitted.  Students will develop musical ability through correctly constructing and playing xylophones; this will allow the students to explore note placement as well as scale and song make up.  During these grades, students will be introduced to basic elements of writing music and music theory, including major and minor, and how melodies work.

Middle School Students (Grades 6-8) will continue their exposure to musical instruments, including parts of the instruments and how composition affects sound.  Students will learn how written notes correlate with played instruments and explore written music theory.  They will be able to name and write all the notes on a grand staff, find these notes on a piano and guitar, explain the differences between major and minor, as well as what sharps, flats, and naturals are.  Students will discover writing music and what makes a good melody, including writing chords and simple songs.  Music history through composers, including their specific style of music and era in world history  (correlation between major works and life events) will be explored--including modern music and electronics.



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