Attendance Policy

St. Peter R.C. School Attendance Policy

St. Peter R. C. School has developed our attendance policy in accordance with New York State Education Law Section 3205 and was implemented on July 1, 2007 and updated August 2017. This comprehensive attendance policy will help to uphold the mission statement of our school, as is stated in our handbook.

The elements of our Comprehensive Attendance Policy are as follows:

1. Objectives:
a. To ensure the maintenance of an adequate record verifying the attendance of all children at instruction in accordance with Education Law Section 3205.
b. To establish a practical mechanism for St. Peter R. C. School to provide accountability of all students throughout each school day/year.
c. To ensure sufficient pupil attendance at all scheduled periods of actual instruction or supervised student activities.

2. Strategies to meet objectives:
a. Use of daily register of attendance (computerized or written).
b. Use of a recording system in departmentalized grades.
c. Use of a recording system for excused or unexcused absence for a day or portion of a day.
d. Use of a recording system for tardiness or early departure.
e. Use of a recording system for each scheduled day of instruction
f. Use of dates for entries and withdrawal of enrollment.

3. When attendance will be recorded:
a. Daily at elementary level.
b. Period by period at an elementary level that is departmentalized.
c. At elementary level when the students attend special area classrooms.

4. Determination of which absences are excused and which are not; and a coding system:
Excused absence shall include:
• Sickness
• Sickness or death in family
• Required to be in court
• Approved high school or college visit
• Quarantine
• Religious Observance
• Attendance at health clinics
• Take your child to work day as per school policy

Unexcused absence shall include:
• Unlawful detention
• Truancy
• Suspension
• Vacations

5. Description of school policy regarding attendance and course credit:
Schools within the Diocese of Buffalo Catholic Education system, along with the faculty and staff of St. Peter’s School, believe that student attendance at school increases student success. In order for each student to develop personal talents, pursue academic quality and foster responsibility and leadership, we encourage and request parental support regarding attendance. Subjects are taught in sequence and require the understanding of each concept in the order of its presentation. Regular attendance is an essential component of the learning process.

Therefore, students who miss 25 days of school, and have not met periodically with school administration, are in jeopardy of retention. At a conference with the school administration and teachers, alternative educational plans will be determined. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify school administration of an attendance concern and to request such a conference.

6. Description of Incentives/Sanctions to be used:
a. Perfect Attendance Award given according to school policy.
b. Regular attendance/on-time arrival determines participation in special occasion days or events and sports activities.
c. Regular attendance determines promotion.
d. Excessive irregular attendance/tardiness warrants notification of proper authorities and written statements to parents and/or guardians.

7. Description of Notification of Parents: (Policy listed in Handbook)
a. Parents notify school ASAP for absence and/or tardiness.
b. School calls parent if parent has not called.
c. Students who are tardy must report to the office.
d. A written excuse must be completed by the parent giving specific reason for absence/tardiness within __3__ days.
e. If an excuse is not received within the __3__ days, the absence is recorded as unexcused.
f. Unexcused absences/tardiness is recorded in school register of attendance.
g. A note is submitted to the school office when a student is going to be released early. Parent or guardian comes to the school office and signs-out the student to be released.

8. Description of the development process for intervention strategies:
Teacher keeps the Principal aware of persistent attendance problems or patterns. The school notifies the parents of the problem and notes the patterns that have been documented. If the problem or pattern continues, the school administration will notify the proper authorities.

9. Identification of the Person to Review Attendance Records and Initiate Action:
Pupil attendance records shall be reviewed by the Principal/Assistant Principal for the purpose of initiating appropriate action to address unexcused pupil absences, tardiness and early departure.

If your child(ren) are ill, it is appropriate for you to keep them home. Please telephone the office at 754-4470 to inform us of the absence before 9:00 a.m. Upon return to school, as with tardiness, New York State Law requires that you, the parent and/or guardian, sign and date, a note which explains the nature of the absence. Please note that vacation during school session is considered, under law, an illegal absence and will be handled accordingly.

If for some legitimate reason, your child will arrive at school late you must sign, date, and give a written note to the school office. Students must get a late slip in the school office from the School Secretary/Office Manager.

Early Arrival:
The earliest that a child may be dropped off at school is 7:00 a.m. Students arriving prior to 8:30 a.m. must report to the Before School Program and will be charged accordingly.

The school will not be held responsible for any student who does not obey the school’s early arrival rule. Any student who continually disregards this policy will be subject to school disciplinary action. Please cooperate with this policy, as the safety and health of your child comes first to us.

Early Dismissal:
In an attempt to keep your child as safe as possible, a written note is necessary at the beginning of the day if there will be any variation in your child’s dismissal plans (i.e. early dismissal, pick-up instead of bus, etc.). Please report to the school office when entering school. Sign out your child(ren) in the sign out book and wait for your child(ren) to come to the office. The School Secretary/Office Manager will call down to the classroom for the student(s).

School Hours:
Homerooms open at 8:30 a.m. each morning. Students must be ready for the day and in their seats by 8:40 a.m. each day. Any student not in their seat and ready for the day at 8:40 a.m. will be marked tardy and will need a note from the office. Prayers and morning announcements will begin promptly at 8:40.

School ends following afternoon prayers at 3:10 p.m. each day. Students are dismissed from their classrooms as they are called from the office. All parents are to use the car pick up loop for drop off and pick up of students. Students will not be released to walk through the parking lot, across the street or out to Center St. (These plans may be altered once building and playground construction is completed.)

Before & After School Program:
St. Peter RC School provides morning and afternoon child care services. The Morning Program starts at 7:00 am and runs until 8:30 am. The Afternoon Program begins at 3:20 pm and runs until 6 pm. A fee of $8.00 per child, per session will be charged. For students picked up by 4:00 pm a reduction of $4.00 will be assessed. Any student left after 6:00 pm in the After School Program will be charged a $1.00 per minute fee, based on the school clock. These fees are necessary to defray the cost associated with having a monitor present to watch over your child(ren). Students who have a 3:30 pick up time will wait in the After School Program Room for parent pickup. No children will be waiting by the dismissal doors.

Inclement Weather:
*** When Lewiston-Porter School District is closed, so is St. Peter R.C. School***

Please listen to the radio and/or T.V. stations for closing announcements. Channels 2, 4 and 7, as well as radio stations, will carry our school closing information. Do not call the school or rectory. Also, check our school website at, Facebook page, text messaging and refer to your Parent Emergency Guide.